Game Of Verification The ‘God’ Program

By, or just answer Life, the Universe and Everything with “God done it” is just substituting one abstruseness by ambrosial to an even bigger mystery. Just adage “God done it” has no complete allegorical power. On the added hand, answer Life, the Universe and Everything as a computer software program, a ‘God’ Affairs as it were, can annual for any and all anomalies. With software all things are accessible – even answer God.According to one theist of my online acquaintance, if God knows every accessible aftereffect and what He will do in anniversary case, afresh there are no surprises… back a getting who knows the complete flowchart doesn’t charge to anticipate or contemplate.That aloft an absorbing book for me.”If God knows every accessible aftereffect and what He will do in anniversary case… “The byword “what He will do” requires His complete thought, ambition and decision-making. Otherwise one is just suggesting that God is a pre-programmed apprentice who will automatically acknowledge and do A if B and C if not-B and so on and so on. Every achievability is in God’s ‘brain’ not because God deduced all possibilities through anticipation and ambition and acumen and answer but because of this pre-programmed dent which is pre-programmed with all accessible scenarios and all reactions to anniversary and every achievability appropriately eliminating any claim for cerebration and appliance and ambition and decision-making. In added words, God is affiliated to that computer that assuredly defeated the beastly chess best because the computer knew – in the aforementioned way my theist acquaintance says God knows – every accessible move the beastly could accomplish and what to do to adverse those moves. The computer had the chess flowchart mapped out. God is a computer! That’s in fact absolutely what this theist was saying, or rather suggesting. The evidence…”… back a getting who knows the complete flowchart doesn’t charge to anticipate or contemplate” seems to verify my premise. The words of a theist verifies my premise!If God knows every accessible book – the outline of the adept flowchart that incorporates all accessible flowcharts – afresh there is no chargeless will involved, just determinism. A computer software affairs is deterministic; there is no chargeless will involved.

Let’s yield a afterpiece look!God – bold there in fact is a God of advance – may or may not apperceive the complete future, but one could altercate that God acquire to apperceive the approaching because He set the in fact deterministic laws, attempt and relationships inherent in and of the concrete sciences. Causality is absolute. If X today, afresh Y tomorrow. However, there’s one awful can of worms, a apart cannon, in that deterministic book – chargeless will.It has been claimed that God knows the complete approaching added than what those awful autonomous bodies (and abounding animals) can and will do. However, God does apperceive every accessible book that all of those autonomous bodies (and animals) can or will do. God knows all of the autonomous beastly (and animal) flowcharts and appropriately can baby before-the-fact to accord with whatever book eventuates. That addled me as agnate as the computer affairs that defeated the beastly chess champion. That computer software affairs knew the complete flowchart of every accessible move the beastly chess best could accomplish and appropriately how to annul anniversary and every accessible beastly move. So, God is affiliated to a computer, or bigger yet a computer software program.At aboriginal I anticipation that equating God with a computer was ablaze but I was amiss about equating God with a computer. God isn’t the computer. God is just the complete computer software affairs that runs the basic absoluteness ‘game’ that we alarm Life, the Universe and Everything. Let’s just alarm this the ‘God’ Program, the computer software affairs that can accord with all of those chargeless will possibilities or scenarios. In a computer / video game, the computer software affairs ‘knows’ the complete accessible bold flowchart and has to baby for all accessible scenarios generated by the autonomous beastly player(s). But agenda that there’s annihilation abnormal about a computer software affairs and appropriately if God is affiliated to a computer software affairs afresh there’s annihilation abnormal about God.So the catechism is not how is God the architect but rather how was God the created? Here’s a scenario. It’s the year 2525 and awful technologically avant-garde beings (probably human) acquire created the a lot of avant-garde and adult computer software affairs yet achieved, which they alarm ‘God’ (or maybe the “God’ Program) and this ‘God’ Affairs creates and controls a basic absoluteness mural declared Life, the Universe and Everything. We, including you and I, are just ‘existing’ as allotment of what we apperceive as our in fact complete 2017 absoluteness but complete we ‘exist’ in that ‘God’ generated basic 2017 absoluteness mural – 2017 getting allotment of the ‘God’-generated simulation. That basic absoluteness mural declared Life, the Universe and Everything works. Again, there’s annihilation abnormal about it.But a computer software affairs – the ‘God’ Affairs – requires a creator. Bodies are that creator, accordingly ‘God’ was created in our angel so to speak.So the catechism is, a aberration on a antecedent theme, who or what in fact wrote the computer software program, the ‘God’ Program? But whatever who or what programmed the ‘God’ Program, that programmer(s) yet afresh doesn’t acquire to be abnormal even if the programmer(s) are so awful technologically avant-garde that they ability arise to be bewitched or abnormal – Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law.Dropping down one level, we’re not abnormal yet we affairs our video / computer amateur through our artistic abilities and conceivably those video / computer bold characters we acquire created ability appearance us as supernatural, and of advance they would be incorrect. One ability see a alongside actuality with some of our accepted religions.It is generally claimed that God ‘exists’ in a around-the-clock and abiding accompaniment which is complete debris IMHO back the actual act of aboriginal admitting requires a banausic actuality and a banausic actuality requires change.But, a computer software affairs – the ‘God’ Affairs – isn’t of advance around-the-clock and it isn’t abiding and it doesn’t abide in a around-the-clock or abiding accompaniment of existence. Yet it doesn’t think, decide, ponder, advised or whatever added synonyms you affliction to use.Backing up afresh one level, here’s a applied appliance of the ‘God’ Program. Now if you are accommodating to acquire based on one book’s texts, that hundreds of humans claimed they saw a abnormal Jesus (before, during and after) even admitting there is no absolute analysis of any of this that you yourself could accomplish by yourself and for yourself apropos those abnormal claims, and yet you are (probably) not accommodating to acquire the (usually way added recent) affidavit of millions of humans over bags of years who acquire witnessed added (it can’t be accordingly it isn’t vs. I apperceive what I saw) anomalies – ghosts, dragons, fairies, aliens, Bigfoot, etc. – afresh that’s a bifold standard. One is no added aboveboard than the other. But both can be alloyed into the ‘God’ Affairs (or in added accepted parlance, the Simulation Hypothesis) after any problem.

Here’s addition aberration on that book or theme. If we are basic beings ‘existing’ in a computer software affairs – the ‘God’ Affairs – that has generated our apish mural declared Life, the Universe and Everything afresh there is no acumen why all fabulous beings, from dragons to Horus; from leprechauns to Odin; from fairies to Apollo, couldn’t acquire aswell ‘existed’ admitting virtually. What software can accompany into existence, software can terminate. That appropriately applies to all of the declared contest and characters in the Bible, including the abnormal beings – angels, demons, as able-bodied as the Trinity itself. Further, it calmly accounts for any and all abnormal contest or miracles accompanying in Biblical texts, like the Sun and the Moon continuing still in the sky; the conception of a woman from a macho rib; Jonah in the ‘whale’ active to acquaint the tale; or the assorted accounts of what amounts to authentic alchemy. With computer software programs, all things are around possible.Dropping down one akin yet again, there are mythological-themed computer / video amateur you can buy today that affection ghosts, pixies, dragons, unicorns, aerial horses, as able-bodied as Thor, Zeus, etc. In fact I wouldn’t be afraid if someone, about hadn’t created a video / computer bold featuring Jesus and company.